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Bug Fix Mirrored from RHBA-2023:6797
Issued at: 2023-11-11
Updated at: 2023-11-11


xfsdump bug fix and enhancement update


The xfsdump package contains xfsdump, xfsrestore, and other utilities for backing up and restoring XFS file systems.

Bug Fix(es) and Enhancement(s):

* xfsdump/xfsrestore: Suggest recovery for false roots may be possible using -x (JIRA:Rocky Linux-14493)

* xfsrestore: Files from the backup go to orphanage dir because of xfsdump issue.(BZ#2245344)

* xfsdump: Restoring inventory prevents non-directory files being restored from tape (BZ#2245677)

Affected products

Rocky Linux 8 aarch64 Rocky Linux 8 x86_64



Affected packages

Rocky Linux 8 aarch64 - BaseOS

xfsdump-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.aarch64.rpm xfsdump-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.src.rpm xfsdump-debuginfo-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.aarch64.rpm xfsdump-debugsource-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.aarch64.rpm

Rocky Linux 8 x86_64 - BaseOS

xfsdump-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.src.rpm xfsdump-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.x86_64.rpm xfsdump-debuginfo-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.x86_64.rpm xfsdump-debugsource-0:3.1.8-5.el8_8.x86_64.rpm