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Bug Fix Mirrored from RHBA-2024:2547
Issued at: 2024-05-10
Updated at: 2024-05-10


sushi bug fix update


Sushi is a quick file previewer for Nautilus, the GNOME desktop file manager. Its capabilities include previewing documents, PDFs, some text files, sound and video files (using GStreamer).

Bug Fix(es):

* sushi will break if WebKitGTK is uninstalled (JIRA:Rocky Linux-28362)

Affected products

Rocky Linux 9 aarch64 Rocky Linux 9 ppc64le Rocky Linux 9 s390x Rocky Linux 9 x86_64



Affected packages

Rocky Linux 9 aarch64 - AppStream

sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.aarch64.rpm sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.src.rpm sushi-debuginfo-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.aarch64.rpm sushi-debugsource-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.aarch64.rpm

Rocky Linux 9 ppc64le - AppStream

sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.ppc64le.rpm sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.src.rpm sushi-debuginfo-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.ppc64le.rpm sushi-debugsource-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.ppc64le.rpm

Rocky Linux 9 s390x - AppStream

sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.s390x.rpm sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.src.rpm sushi-debuginfo-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.s390x.rpm sushi-debugsource-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.s390x.rpm

Rocky Linux 9 x86_64 - AppStream

sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.src.rpm sushi-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.x86_64.rpm sushi-debuginfo-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.x86_64.rpm sushi-debugsource-0:3.38.1-2.el9_4.1.x86_64.rpm