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Security Mirrored from RHSA-2023:6188
Issued at: 2023-11-11
Updated at: 2023-11-11


Important: firefox security update


Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance, and portability.

This update upgrades Firefox to version 115.4.0 ESR.

Security Fix(es):

* Mozilla: Queued up rendering could have allowed websites to clickjack (CVE-2023-5721)

* Mozilla: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 119, Firefox ESR 115.4, and Thunderbird 115.4 (CVE-2023-5730)

* libvpx: crash related to VP9 encoding in libvpx (CVE-2023-44488)

* Mozilla: Large WebGL draw could have led to a crash (CVE-2023-5724)

* Mozilla: WebExtensions could open arbitrary URLs (CVE-2023-5725)

* Mozilla: Improper object tracking during GC in the JavaScript engine could have led to a crash. (CVE-2023-5728)

* Mozilla: Address bar spoofing via bidirectional characters (CVE-2023-5732)

For more details about the security issue(s), including the impact, a CVSS score, acknowledgments, and other related information, refer to the CVE page(s) listed in the References section.

Affected products

Rocky Linux 9 aarch64 Rocky Linux 9 ppc64le Rocky Linux 9 s390x


2241806 2245896 2245898 2245899 2245900 2245903 2245906


CVE-2023-44488 CVE-2023-5721 CVE-2023-5724 CVE-2023-5725 CVE-2023-5728 CVE-2023-5730 CVE-2023-5732

Affected packages

Rocky Linux 9 aarch64 - AppStream

firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.aarch64.rpm firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.src.rpm firefox-debuginfo-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.aarch64.rpm firefox-debugsource-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.aarch64.rpm firefox-x11-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.aarch64.rpm

Rocky Linux 9 ppc64le - AppStream

firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.ppc64le.rpm firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.src.rpm firefox-debuginfo-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.ppc64le.rpm firefox-debugsource-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.ppc64le.rpm firefox-x11-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.ppc64le.rpm

Rocky Linux 9 s390x - AppStream

firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.s390x.rpm firefox-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.src.rpm firefox-debuginfo-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.s390x.rpm firefox-debugsource-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.s390x.rpm firefox-x11-0:115.4.0-1.el9_2.s390x.rpm